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AGE: 19
RACE: human
HEIGHT: 5'7"
BUILD: Skinny
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Hazel
SKIN: fair, a little sunburned.
BEARING: Grace and force all-in-one
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: light scar on her right cheek

Still training, even if she's lost her master. Usually somewhere around the Gallows helping move things, or working with the smiths learning the more traditional trades of Thedas.


She is mostly known as Obi-Wan's apprentice, though he's no longer around. She's considered a little cagey by some, but overall nice if kind of weird.


training, baked goods, food that doesn't come in a concentrated paste or gross processed meat flap. She's also now in possession of two lightsabers and a very large white mabari that answers to the name "Padawan."


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crystal ☆ notes & letters ☆ etc
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Since Rey is a Jedi, albeit a fledgling one who doesn't quite know how her powers work, I am putting up a permissions post for her abilities.

Rey can move things with her mind. Please let me know if it's ok for her to move things from/to your character or whatever.

Jedi can perceive shifts in emotions and certain other things. This is a talent Rey isn't super developed with so she will probably only glean vague emotions if anything, although the longer in-game the more she'll likely be able to sense.

This is kind of the big one. It's said that only those with weak minds can be manipulated by Jedi, however in TFA it's shown that the mind link with Jedi doesn't necessarily stop with the "these are not the droids you're looking for" type of suggestion. Jedi also have the ability to pull memories and thoughts from others, to look into a mind and see the fears and hopes. Rey has in particular shown a talent for this as she looks into Kylo Ren's mind despite him being a trained sith lord. I seriously doubt this would be something she'd randomly do but all the same it'd be nice to just have a ballpark of who is comfortable with this shit.

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Name: Varis
Age: 30
Contact: [ profile] humanspectre, PM
Other Characters: Velanna, Andra Riveris
Interests: I like fish out of water and Rey is used to hard living but the way the Inquisition lives will be very new and different for her and possibly very difficult. Also developing her fledgling Force powers through the lens of it being harder in this world and having to use magic studies or whatever i think will be interesting!


Name: Rey
Canon/OC: Canon, Star Wars
Canon Point: End of The Force Awakens
Journal: [personal profile] provenforce
Age: 19

Canon World

Star Wars is a vast universe full of aliens and space ships and terrible desert planets that no one has any business living on. The core of the universe is that some 60-odd years before Rey was born the galactic order was overthrown by Sith, an evil order that branched off from the noble Jedi, who were the kind of knight errants of the universe, who upheld good and all that stuff.

Then after the kids of the very Sith who helped propagate that downfall grew up, and fought back against the Sith and the empire they'd created. They succeeded, and with them the Jedi order was set to grow again, however there was an accident involving the son of one of the kids turning against his Jedi training much like his grandfather before him and slaughtering a bunch of people then running off to join the First Order, a fledgling little group growing up from the dregs of the Empire that was destroyed by the returning jedi.

Because of this incident, those with jedi potential were never properly sought out, and Rey, being Force sensitive (the Force is the secret cosmic power all jedi and sith can tap into to fuel their powers, more or less. It has something to do with their blood making them special.) ended up abandoned on a desert planet, entirely unaware of her true potential for most of her life.


Rey's Wookiepedia page

Rey's life before Jakku is a mystery to her. She doesn't know where she was born, or even who she was born to. All she knows is the hard life lived in Jakku's wasteland. She lived hard and rough, fighting to survive and learning to rely only on herself. She survived by scavenging old ships and wreckage that had rained down on Jakku during the battles between the fabled Rebels and the Empire.

Her life changed drastically one day when she came across a lost little droid rolling through the sand, designated BB-8. The First Order was hunting for the droid, and she was unwittingly dragged into the fight between them and the Resistance.

She helped the droid and a young man named Finn escape the First Order in a junky old ship which turned out to be the fabled Millennium Falcon, originally owned by Han Solo. It was because of that ship she met the captain himself, when he saw them flying and reclaimed it. Han became a sort of mentor to Rey for a short time, and even offered her a place on his crew, which she was sorely tempted to take him up on.

It was with Han's help that she found her way to her true destiny, the path of the Jedi. She was called by a lightsaber hidden in the depths of Maz Kanata's castle, which showed her a greater purpose. She shied away from it initially, but after being captured by the First Order and Kylo Ren she began to embrace her power, using it to help her escape, and ultimately defeat Kylo Ren during a lightsaber battle.

After returning to the base of the Resistance fighters and finally discovering Luke Skywalker's location Rey set out to find him, finally sure of her purpose for the first time in her life.


Considering her life on Jakku and the disappointments she's faced, Rey could easily have become a hard person. And parts of her are hard from that life. She can be slow to trust at times, and she is rough around the edges. However she still cares, and finds a great deal of wonder in the universe. She is soft and kind to those who need it, and once she finally trusts someone it's fairly implicitly.

She is very strong, mentally and physically, and a very fast learner. She's also incredibly adaptable to stressful situations, even if she's not entirely capable of keeping a cool head and prone to yelling instructions and annoyed sarcasm. She does tend to play up her toughness from time to time because she knows she looks like someone who could be easily steamrolled.

She does have a genuine stubborn streak, and this is evident with her remaining on Jakku despite likely knowing very well her family isn't coming for her, and when facing off against Kylo Ren, despite being outpaced she doesn't know the meaning of giving up, even if she's terrified. She does let her emotions rule her, to a degree, but she also demonstrates a remarkable level-headedness for someone who is entirely untrained in the Force, and that is likely why she was able to pick up on certain things much more quickly than past Jedi heroes.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Rey is first and foremost, a survivor. She's learned how to scrape by and exist in an extremely hostile environment, and as a result she's very physically and mentally tough. She can fight and has a reputation around the Niima Outpost that she isn't someone to be messed with. She's also adept at free climbing, and she has an exhaustive knowledge of mechanics and the inner workings of things, both from growing up scavenging and needing to know what parts are valuable, and from tinkering on her own. She also speaks several alien languages and understands droid binary, thanks to translation programs on the computer she built.

Then of course, there is her connection to the Force. Rey is demonstrated as being extremely strong with the Force, stronger than she is even aware of. She learns how to fight back against the mind manipulation of Kylo Ren, even looking into his mind. It doesn't take her long to figure out how to use the Force to move things with her mind as well as manipulate stormtroopers into freeing her from captivity.


Despite the things she's been through, Rey still tries to see the best in some, which can lead to her being extremely disappointed.

She's young and largely untrained. She's entirely self-educated so there's massive gaps in her knowledge.

She's stubborn, and can dig her heels in on things pretty heavily. Good luck changing her mind on certain things.

Arrival Inventory

- The clothes on her back
- Luke Skywalker's lightsaber
- her junkyard staff
- a bag that has some water and rations in it


I think that Rey could adapt quite well to the Dragon Age setting, and that while there will be that initial learning period and adjustment, she's faced a lot of upheaval in her life recently so it's something she'll be able to roll with. I think she'll also likely be a nice addition to our small Jedi population, and she and Obi-Wan together could probably do some pretty awesome stuff.


Numero Uno



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